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HC3S School Meals for Year R

It is not long now until your child will start their new journey into Year R so I would like to make you aware of who will be feeding your child when they start their new school in September!


HC3S, the award-winning school meal provider, would like to ensure that all parents, especially those with children starting school this year, know they can benefit from the Government’s Universal Infant Free School Meal programme*. Every Year R child is entitled to receive a FREE, healthy, nutritious and tasty two course school lunch when they start school and throughout KS1.


This year, HC3S have a fun and informative new school starter leaflet for all Year R parents, which is available to view and download via the HC3S website.  The new starter leaflet includes top tips that every new Year R parent will need to get their little one "school lunch ready":


Starting a new school can be a worrying time, and new parents are often anxious about how their child will cope, but hopefully the attached leaflet will help you to know what to expect.

For those parents that have a child with a medical special diet, HC3S are experts and have a complete section on their website that offers information as well as a guide on how to apply for a special menu.


If you don’t already, please like and follow HC3S on Facebook @hc3seducation as well as their new Twitter page @hc3s6 so you can find out more about their award-winning school lunch service, as well as benefit from handy hints and tips to know what to expect when their child starts school. HC3S post the following day's menu on Facebook at 3pm and 5pm on Sundays.


*Currently (May 2020), the Government UIFSM programme allows children in KS1 to eat school lunch free. If this changes, parents may be charged.