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Parking Rules

We are very fortunate here at Stockton House School to have ample parking on-site; however, there have been an increasing number of incidents and near misses involving both parents and children, which are causing concern.


When parking on-site, please observe the following rules:


  1. observe the 5mph speed limit on-site. Repeat offenders will be banned from bringing their vehicle on-site. The speed limit is for your child's safety as well as others;
  2. be aware of your surroundings when manoeuvering your vehicle, especially if there are children getting in/out of cars next to you;
  3. make sure you park a sensible distance from the car next to you and not leave huge gaps. The parking spaces are clearly marked so please do not just “dump and run”;
  4. parking immediately outside the school entrance (either side or in front of the portico) is not allowed except by prior arrangement with Mrs Bounds as these are designated class waiting areas. If you are running late or if it is raining, do not pull up here to quickly drop off/collect your child. You will be immediately instructed to move your car to the designated parking provided. Also, the driveway that leads down the right side of the school (entrance to Daffodil class) must NEVER be used as a parking area unless specifically instructed to do so by Mrs Bounds;
  5. Thursday afternoons can get quite busy as we hold the Play & Stay toddler group which finishes at 2:45pm;
  6. to be kinder to the environment and reduce congestion, please car-pool when you can or walk to school for an added health benefit –you can see and hear lots of amazing things in nature on your walk to school that you would ordinarily miss in a car;
  7. please use the designated footpath and crossing rather than cut across the drive and concourse.  The footpath is there for your safety and cars may not be able to see a small child walking by the roundabout when they pull in;
  8. the roundabout is just that – a roundabout – so please observe the Highway Code as you would for any other roundabout in this country and go clockwise around it!;
  9. on the unavoidable occasion that you know you are going to be late, please call the school before the scheduled pick-up time to avoid "unauthorised late collection" fees and do not speed into the car park!


Thank you for reading this and helping make the car park a safe place to be for everyone.