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At Stockton House School we feel very strongly about doing our bit to help protect the environment and have made a concerted effort to ditch paper towels in the toilets in favour of flannels, and wet wipes are used only in emergencies (given the plastic content).


To that end, we have a few recycling initiatives in place as shown below, but keep checking in with this page as if we can add more, we willsmiley

— Stamps
Don’t forget to save your used stamps and bring them to school to raise funds for local charities.

— Milk bottle tops
Stockton House School are collecting milk bottle tops for recycling. We’ve had an incredible response and really appreciate it so keep them coming! Please just make sure that it’s only the MILK BOTTLE lids you bring in. No other lids can be recycled with the milk bottle tops (something to do with the plastic) so please can you just ensure that you keep sending in the milk bottle lids only.

— Felt-tip pens
Don’t just throw away your felt tip pens. Bring them into school and we can recycle them!yes