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Stockton House School

A nature and nurture approach to active learning

Kindergarten Rooms

Kindergarten is curently made up of 2 classrooms (Daffodil and Poppy Class) which all have a vibrant space where the children can feel ownership of their room and have space to display their own work and creations.

Every child in the room has a key person who knows them best and plans rich learning experiences carefully to encourage each child to reach their full potential. We use the EYFS document to inform all our planning and to aid staff in their assessments of the children. The children are involved in the planning of activities and much is based on individual interests and learning journeys. We build strong bonds with our parents as they are the richest source of knowledge about their child. 


In Kindergarten the children turn 4 years' old during that academic year and are learning how to be independent, we spend a lot of time promoting the children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development as we consider this to be extremely important for your child’s social journey throughout their life. We encourage the children to sort out any disputes and to negotiate solutions; we enjoy an ethos of sharing and looking after each other.


The development and use of communication and language is at the heart of young children's learning.  Early skills develop as children express their needs and feelings.  Creativity is a fundamental aspect of the work that we do in these rooms, encompassing art, music, dance, role-play and imaginative play.


Children's mathematical development arises out of daily experiences in a rich and interesting environment.  These goals cover important aspects of mathematical understanding and provide the foundation for numeracy.


The crucial knowledge, skills and understanding that help children make sense of the world will also be encouraged.  The knowledge gained at nursery forms the foundation for later work at school in subjects like science, design and technology, history, geography and information & communication technology.


We also focus on the development of children's physical control, mobility, and awareness of space, as well as their manipulative skills in indoor and outdoor environments.  The experience and understanding that children gain at this young age help to establish positive attitudes towards a healthy and active way of life

The children enjoy access to the outside private space at the rear of the nursery where we grow plants and vegetables and discover more natural experiences such as our mud kitchen and den building, along with the other areas of continuous provision. The children spend a great deal of time in the outside area so they can extend and continue their learning from indoors to the outdoor area in all weathers.

In the indoor space we have varied resources for the children to explore such as role-play, construction, small world, sorting, matching, the computer, recording devices, cameras, games, puzzles, writing materials, and book area.


We have the benefit of being able to adjust our routine to the children’s interests and decide what and when we would like to do things, we try to keep this flexible and allow for the children to have freedom whilst they still know where they are in the day and what will come next. 


We promote the children’s emerging independence, we encourage them to be engaged motivated thinkers who enjoy challenge and can show each other how to care for themselves, the resources and their environment.