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Stockton House School

A nature and nurture approach to active learning


Early Years' Manager

Jenny Bounds BA EYPS

Administration Staff

Mrs Helen Twydell ACIS; Administration & Accounts

Nursery Staff (Caterpillar & Butterfly Class)

Mrs Vicki Roberts; EYP Level 3 (Caterpillar R/L)
Mrs Hilde Boyne; EYP Level 3 (Caterpillar)
Mrs Lynn Davis; EYP Level 4 (Caterpillar)
Mrs Christine Thornton, EYP Level 2 (Caterpillar)
Mrs Jackie Rumbold; EYP Level 6 (Butterfly R/L)
Miss Kaye Handley; EYP Level 3 (Butterfly)
Mrs Sara Bracken; EYP Level 3 (Butterfly)

Kindergarten (Bluebell, Daffodil and Poppy Classes)

Mrs Denise Zaki; EYP Level 3 (Bluebell R/L)
Mrs Caroline Henderson; EYP Level 6 (Bluebell)
Mrs Riche Clist  BEd Dep EY Manager (Daffodil R/L)
Mrs Suzanne Davis; EYP Level 3 (Daffodil)
Mrs Eve Smith; EYP Level 3 (Daffodil)
Mrs Louise Cain; EYP Level 2 (Daffodil)
Mrs Jeanette Davidson; SENDCo Level 3 (Poppy R/L)
Ms Charlie Simpson; EYP Level 3 (Poppy)
Mrs Sarah Lee; EYP Level 3 (Poppy)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Mrs Jeanette Davidson; SENDCo
Miss Emmy Hamblin; 1:1 SEND Worker

Bank Staff & Students

Mrs Cheryl Biggs; Bank Staff
Mrs Kate Mortlock; Bank Staff
Mrs Angela Stevenson; Bank Staff
Mrs Karen Manley; Bank Staff

Extra-Curricular Staff

Mrs Jan Wilkinson - French & Music

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Alison MacKenzie; Chef
Mrs Katie Webb; Chef
Mr Honesto "Jhune" Vileta; Chef

The Maintenance Boys

Mr Alan Hayward
Mr George Still