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Friends of Stockton House School (FoSH)

Welcome to FoSH!

The Friends of Stockton House School (FoSH) is a registered charity that plays a very important role within the School.  FoSH also provides an opportunity for parents, carers and their families to become more involved in School events and in these uncertain times we have had to focus on new ways to fundraise. 


FoSH organise various activities for the children and their families throughout the year.  Some of these activities are aimed to raise funds to purchase new or replace much-loved equipment. Equally, there are activities such as the leavers’ books and annual Easter Egg Hunt that are non-profit making and are solely for the enjoyment of the children and their families.


This year, Stockton House School is revamping its outdoor areas and given the fact that so many events had to be cancelled due to COVID we have not been able to fundraise in the usual manner. We now have an Amazon Wish List set up for the school so please make sure you register for AmazonSmile (see below for details) before purchasing gifts off the list.


FoSH is run solely by volunteers and relies on continued members’ help to keep it going.  We are always welcoming of new ‘recruits’ (as numbers naturally decrease as the children of the parents leave the School) so if you are interested in becoming an active member and feel you can commit to a few hours each month, please email for more information.

FoSH have a Facebook Page!

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FoSH have an Amazon Wish List!

If you would like to purchase something for the school then please refer to our Amazon Wish List of much-needed items.