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As face-to-face fundraising is so hard at present, we have set up the Friends of Stockton House School as a registered charity on AmazonSmile which means that 0.5% of every eligible purchase will be paid to The Friends of Stockton House School by Amazon (and costs you nothing).  AmazonSmile is exactly the same as Amazon but enables Amazon to donate in the background.  N.B. In order to use this you need to have an active Amazon Prime subscription.


In order for this magic to happen, all you need to do is:
1) register for AmazonSmile by visiting: and click "Start Shopping".   
2) Log in as you would normally for Amazon
3) Enter "Friends of Stockton House School" in the Start by picking your charity search box (or Search for "smile" in the regular search bar and it will come up with "Amazon Smile - You shop. Amazon gives" at the top.)
4) Select your charitable organisation by typing "Friends of Stockton House School"
5) Tick Yes and then you're in!


In order for your purchases to record, you need to go via each time you shop, not via the regular website.


If you use a mobile phone, you just need to go into the Amazon app and enable AmazonSmile. If you have an iphone or Android phone you just need to tap the three lines, go to Settings - AmazonSmile and turn it ON. Then each time you use the app it will track your purchases.


Christmas shopping via AmazonSmile is a wonderful opportunity to raise something extra for your child's school at no extra cost to you.  Please spread the word to friends and family and get them to join in as it at no extra cost to you but would mean the world to us and your child's school.