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Stockton House School is collecting used milk bottle tops to raise money for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care.


The milk bottle tops are collected by G.H.S Recycling and any amount raised gets donated to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care on our behalf.

We are a nursery and so our children get through a lot of milk! Please do your bit to help us collect as many lids as possible. Ensure that they are WASHED before you bring them in as stale milk tends to smell a little!

Please note: we can only collect the milk bottle tops - no other tops are accepted so please do not include them! We have to manually pick through all the bags to separate out the good tops and bad tops so please help us by not including non-recyclable tops.


You can drop your lids off directly to the school during term-time. Please do not leave bags outside the school during holidays as they cannot be stored.

Thank you for helping to raise funds for charitysmiley

Picture 1 "Good" lids - Accepted
Picture 2 Please wash them before donating
Picture 3 "Bad" lids - NOT Accepted
Picture 4 Please do not bring bags in like this...!