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Stockton House School

A nature and nurture approach to active learning

Admissions & Funding



Stockton House School accepts children from the age of two until they reach statutory school age.


We encourage parents to visit the School to meet staff and familiarise themselves with the setting before completing a registration form.  Their child's name will then be allocated a place on the waiting list.


A registration fee is required on completion of the registration form to allocate your child's place on the waiting list.  For more information regarding this and how to register your child please contact the school on 01252 616323.

Initial Registration Form



  • Two Year Olds


Stockton House School is accredited to take two year old's under the two year old funding scheme. There is an eligibility criteria for this funding; please visit the Hampshire County Council website for more information.


  • Early Years' Grant


The Early Years' Grant is available for every child from the term after their third birthday, up to and including the term of their fifth birthday.  


The Early Years' Grant does not cover all costs; the pdf below explains this and when your child will be eligible for the funding.

30 Hours' Childcare


For the latest information regarding the 30 Hours Childcare and Tax-Free Childcare please access the links below: